Autodesk Solutions For Manufacturing – Jobs 360 Mobile/Web App

In my current role at Autodesk I lead the end-to-end UX/UI design of Autodesk manufacturing mobile, web, and desktop CAD solutions. For this project I was tasked with designing the experience and UI of the Jobs 360 web and mobile application.

Jobs360 provides a low cost, easy to use and implement job traveling solution and shop management tool to customers in the manufacturing industry. We leverage data across many different manufacturing tools to help customers better manage their manufacturing business. The application is a responsive cloud-based solution accessible via a web browser and platform specific mobile devices. The mobile client has functionality that integrates with native client sensors and the camera to read machine data, bar, and QR codes to gather and report on manufacturing data.


Design Strategy

  • Creative Direction
  • Production Workflow
  • Web Developer Vendor Management
  • Project Management

User Experience Design

  • Contextual Research
  • Comparative Analysis
  • Persona Development
  • Site Architecture
  • User Flows and Wireframing

User Interface Design

  • Visual Design, Screen Layout, PSD Production Comps
  • Prototyping Development
  • Style Guide and Final Visual Assets